My Story

Roberto Capra’s hails from Valenza, Italy, or the epicenter for high quality Italian artisanal jewelry and a city that carries the years of tradition in technical, stylistic, and material innovation. It was here that he spent his formative years, training and honing his knowledge of the jewelry industry.

After moving to London in his early 20s, Roberto was exposed to a new side of jewelry, vintage, and collection pieces. Through completing internships, Roberto refined his expertise of craftsmanship and quality, while also developing his keen eye and taste for one-of-a-kind pieces. Later, he moved to New York, where he established his business as a vintage jewelry connoisseur in the heart of Manhattan’s renowned Diamond District.

Roberto particularly specializes in jewelry crafted during the Art Deco period, relying on both decades of knowledge and aesthetic instincts for growing his collection. He places great value on his trade partnerships, among them his business associate Lucia Boffetta. Boasting a GIA certification from the Graduate Gemologist Program, Lucia (previously an apprentice of Roberto) collaborates with Roberto as his European touchpoint in Geneva, Switzerland, where she is based.

Roberto also prioritizes communicating honestly and dependably with his clients, to build trust and rapport. When he is not on his treasure hunts, you can find Roberto on the golf course teeing up with his favorite hybrid, always attempting a perfect par.